Visit Sage website to learn more about the work Sage and PaperLess are doing together to enable Sage users to a streamline invoice processing and approval routines.

August 8, 2023

Thousands of Sage users across UK and Ireland are spreading the word about the benefits of going PaperLess, but Sage itself is showcasing PaperLess for Sage as one of Sage Success Stories.

Going PaperLess to automate your accounts payable processes and streamline your invoice processing routines is a no brainer, so no do waste another hour without benefiting from the work Sage and PaperLess have been doing together to enable Sage users to streamline invoice capture, invoice scanning and invoice approval processes.

"At PaperLess we see this Sage success story as the acknowledgement by Sage itself of the unique set of AP Automation features delivered by PaperLess... This success story is one of the many ways Sage have to let their customers know about the full potential of going PaperLess."

Remember, every hour it passes without PaperLess is an hour your Accounts Team waste on manual, time-consuming and tedious tasks that can be fully automated. So, to start saving time and money right now and click here to contact your Account Manager and start your PaperLess journey.

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