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Sicon WAP Purchase Requisition

Additional Modules for Sicon WAP Purchase Requisition

Raise purchase requisitions using Sage 200 suppliers, nominals, stock items or free text, projects and budgets. Automatically create purchase orders into Sage 200 after the requisition is approved.

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What Sicon WAP Purchase Requisition can do for you.

See the key features of the Sicon Wap Purchase Requisition System below.

Automatically create purchase orders into Sage 200 after the requisition is approved

| Key Features

  • Purchase Order entry and approval limits can be set per user
  • Raise free text, stock, additional charge and comment order lines
  • Add justification documents and notes to each requisition
  • Use approved suppliers and supplier part number search for stock items
  • Create rapid requisitions from templates for each supplier
  • Automatically create purchase orders in Sage 200 once requisitions are authorised
  • Print orders when approved and email to supplier from WAP. New Layout designer allows flexible Purchase Order design
  • Confirm Goods Received via the WAP web interface
  • Could be used with Sage 200 Financials only

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WAP Purchase Requisition

Sicon WAP Purchase Requisition Kent

tn4 have been working within the Sicon, implementing Sage into a wide variety of companies. Our specialist knowledge has helped companies computerise their systems and great much better workflow.

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Sicon WAP Purchase Requisition

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