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Sicon WAP Invoice Approval

Additional Modules for Sicon WAP Invoice Approval

Automatically pick up Sage 200 unauthorised invoices plus scanned images. Create invoices in WAP to allow flexible amendment of VAT and projects during approval. Route invoices for multi-level approval within the WAP system.

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What Sicon WAP Invoice Approval can do for you.

See the key features of the Sicon Wap Invoice System below.

Route invoices for multi-level approval within the WAP system.

| Key Features

  • For Sage 200: Invoices are entered into the Sage 200 purchase ledger for authorisation
    - the ‘requires authorisation’ flag in Sage purchase ledger triggers the invoices to upload to the WAP system for approval
  • For Invoices entered into WAP
    - Enter into WAP to allow amendment of VAT and projects/jobs during approval
  • Once approved the invoices are posted to Sage 200
  • View unauthorised WAP invoices from Sage 200 purchase ledger enquiry
  • Integrated with Sicon DMS and other document scanning solutions
  • Drill back from the invoice to see the original Purchase request in WAP
  • Amend invoices before approval:
    - Invoice lines can be amended by the approver
    - invoice lines can be split across multiple nominal codes and jobs or projects (when entered into WAP)

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WAP Invoice Approval

Sicon WAP Invoice Approval Kent

tn4 have been working within the Sicon, implementing Sage into a wide variety of companies. Our specialist knowledge has helped companies computerise their systems and great much better workflow.

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Sicon WAP Invoice Approval

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