Sage Intacct R4 release 2023

December 6, 2023

The latest release of Intacct that has launched. Below are a list of features released during this new release.

Release highlights
Advanced Ownership Consolidations

Save time and improve decision making with easy, automatic roll-up consolidation.

A new subscription that allows for consolidation of financial data across multiple entities with varying percentages of ownership. Advanced ownership consolidation streamlines the process at the entity level by period and includes ownership percentages as part of the consolidation. Saving time and resources, whilst simultaneously enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Reconciliation Enhancements
Simplify your receive payments and reconciliation process.

With the Bank transaction assist, streamline your AR receive payments workflow, whilst accelerating your reconciliation process. Receive multiple payments from bank transactions and automatically match for reconciliation. Gain visibility and quickly pinpoint reconciliation transactions that match with match sequences.

AR Multiple Customer Payments
Simplify and transform AR payments for multi-channel business process.

Receive one receipt for multi-channel customer invoicing in school, healthcare, grant funding and multi-partner channel businesses and easily apply to different customers. A useful functionality when receiving a single payment but need to apply the payment to Accounts Receivable sales invoices from different customers.

AP Bill Approval
Eliminate steps in your AP purchase invoice and approval cycle.

The new recall function allows you to remove a submitted AP purchase invoice from the approval queue and return it to an editable state. The amended AP purchase invoice can then be resubmitted for approval.

French Language Launch

Language settings now provide the choice of the French language
With the expansion of new language options available in both Company and User preference pages, you can now set the language for all users or at individual user level to the following available options:

·     English (Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom, and South Africa)

·     French (France)

Performance Tiers
Scale performance alongside evolving needs using our API-based usage model.

Replacing the Levels-of-Service, Performance Tiers provides customers with a level of API volume, API concurrency and offline job concurrency entitlement that matches their business requirements and allows scaling to higher levels. Higher tiers come with the advantage of lower per transaction costs plus additional concurrency. Custom tiers can be created for high-volume customers that tailor to specific needs when scaling.

Industry Insights
Inventory Fulfilment.

Simplify your workflow and boost efficiency with inventory fulfilment
Fulfilment gives warehouse managers and workers the tools to track and ship sales orders in a timely fashion. It also provides pick and pack lists, increasing efficiency of pickers and packers within the warehouse floor whilst also decreasing the cost. You can manage sales orders through the processes of pick, pack, ship, invoice, or any combination of those from a single page.

Contract Expense Lists
Increase insights and visibility into contract-level profitability.

The new Expense lines list grants you easy management of your contact and contract line expenses. The list allows you to add new expenses, edit or view existing ones, as well as import them. The enhances list allows you to use filters to personalise your list view, and view list and record details side-by-side.

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