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Sage 200cloud Manufacturing

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Manufacturing Resource Management (MRP) software is commonly known in its approach

to resolving issues within the manufacturing process, to enable organisations to manage this

pathway from planning and materials through to delivery and aftercare. MRP software is a

related subdivision of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Whilst MRP’s sole focus is

manufacturing and its functions; ERP tends to encompass all business functions.


Sage 200cloud for Manufacturing


Greater control over the manufacturing process in an increasingly competitive marketplace and a solution that facilitates greater efficiency and cost savings can be achieved through Sage 200cloud Manufacturing. As a component of the broader Sage 200cloud Suite, this module can be added to the core set of Sage 200cloud ERP modules to handle a better management of the production process. Sage 200cloud Manufacturing has been designed to offer a comprehensive solution for any manufacturing organisation, whilst offering control at each stage of the process from planning, materials, costs to tracking orders and collecting payments in one complete platform. Sage 200cloud Manufacturing can provide your organisation with:


  • Reduced operational costs through improved planning
  • A streamlined supply chain for optimised production
  • Improved productivity by the automation of purchase and works orders
  • The means by which to meet delivery promises with improved visibility and control over the production process entirely
  • The accurate tracking of deliveries with 2- and 3- way goods received note matching
  • The effective management of cash flow, keeping track of stock and deliveries
  • Improved quality control and key tracking of items through the production process and associated milestones


Sage 200cloud Manufacturing Modules


Within Sage 200 Manufacturing, you can see and fully utilise a variety of different modules:


  • Bill of Materials – to help in the creation and management of a detailed bill of materials for all manufactured products
  • Estimating – accurate estimates can be converted to works orders with ease
  • Master Production Schedule – enables control of labour and machine costs in a
    systematic way
  • Material Requirements Planning – works to recommend material requirements based on stock projections and demands
  • Works Order Processing – create picking lists, route cards, operations cards and job sheets. Works orders are automatically produced from the BOM to generate all these items
  • Shop Floor Data Collection – works in conjunction with Works Order Processing. This module generates printed bar-codes for easy data collection
  • Materials and finished product traceability – track materials from receipt to production and dispatch for complete visibility


Sage 200cloud Manufacturing Benefits that work for you:


  • Different BOM versions – Sage 200cloud Manufacturing facilitates the storage and management of multiple versions of Bill of Materials, meanwhile one is active at any given time
  • Versatile build options – opt to build sub-assemblies, take from stock, or allow choice when configuring the Sage 200cloud system, so making this module work for your business
  • Enjoy accurate costings – Assign precise costing by labour and machine time for each assembly process
  • Full batch and serial number processing – Quality standards can be maintained once batch numbers and serial numbers are recorded to enable detailed traceability
  • Quote for multiple batch sizes – Estimates can be built using a whole range of quantity breaks. Within the module you are free to alter the quantity to quickly see how totals are affected and you can also cost the estimate and print details for any/all the quantity breaks entered with ease
  • Automated Purchase and Works Orders – Improved efficiency can be achieved through automating purchase and works orders, so removing the need to manually key data and waste time in doing so
  • Intelligent stock projection – Identify lists of predicted stock for all or a host of products in each chosen time period. Through this, there is the ability to view individual warehouses also for a complete perspective on your operational situation
  • The Sage 200cloud Graphical Planner function – The graphical planner provides easy creation of achievable production plans by pictorially depicting the schedule of work required to meet demands


Sage 200cloud Suite


While resource planning is essential for an efficient operation, the broad reach that the Sage 200cloud Suite offers can manage a comprehensive 360 degree view of your business.
All departments within an organisation have a single store of information which enables users to work smarter, making better informed decisions and work collaboratively for the same goals.


For more information about Sage 200cloud Manufacturing contact TN4 Solutions.

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